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Being Better than You

Friday evening I stood in fight stance, puffing a little harder than I probably should have had to. With my very white belt dangling from my gi, I stepped to my left foot and attempted to execute a lead leg side kick to the heavy bag. My sensei, a guy probably half my age, corrected me again to deliver the kick straight, not slicing.“There should be NO horizontal movement.” he reminded me. I set up again. This time with all mental effort focused on getting my knee up first and then kicking straight out, I lost my balance and didn’t even get the kick off. My sigh of frustration was automatic, but I set up again and again sliced across my body. Sensei Frank is a saint. As an educator there is nothing more frustrating than repeatedly going over something with a student and still having the student fail. Frank never bats an eye- always quick with praise and kind with critique. It makes him a good teacher. Lucky thing for me.
I’m a beginner both mentally and physically. I’ve played college …

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