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Welcome to paramedicine!

Perspiring foreheads, stressful grimaces, and the occasional trembling hand were bedfellows in rooms all across New York State this past Thursday. The 2015 crop of paramedic hopefuls arrived with their knowledge, their test ticket, and a couple of number two pencils in their scabbards to slay the dragon of the State Paramedic Exam.

The people at the agency I work for all passed - as we expected. They are good people. Driven, motivated, and looking to better themselves. I congratulate them and every person in NYS who attained a passing score. It's well deserved.
And now that I have congratulated everyone, I want to share some principles of paramedic care. They are messages that probably didn't appear in your textbook. They may or may not have been broached in your didactic sessions. They may be things you've thought about or even discussed indirectly with colleagues and classmates. They're a part of a philosophy of EMS practice that has worked for me, that I trust, and …