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Giving Thanks as an EMS Provider

"Mom.. Everything is going black."

This is the thing I recall best from her presentation. Annette Adamczak, CPR Instructor and advocate for required CPR training in high schools, spoke those words seven times the day I helped her teach hands-only CPR to Phys-Ed classes at a local high school. Seven.

Annette takes this show on the road and teaches CPR all across the region in a crusade to decrease the dismal statistics on out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival. Her motivation is a pretty, 14-year old named Emily Rose. Emily Rose is Annette's daughter who died six years ago after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest on a soccer field in Akron, New York. As Annette tells the story, Emily Rose approached Annette while running a drill at soccer practice and said "Mom... Everything is going black."

The story is just as heart-wrenching as you'd expect from a mother whose daughter literally died in her arms. Annette tells it again and again and again in gymnasiums, c…