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Our Friends Yahbut and Iheard

I have an odd story to tell. It's truly astounding, actually. In almost thirty years of employment spanning five different career fields and ten different agencies and institutions, there have been two guys that have worked with me. Every place. As God is my witness these two dudes have been co-workers of mine for my whole life. I want to share this story because they are with me in EMS and have been especially active over the last few years - picking up tons of overtime and driving culture and paradigms. They have made and continue to make indelible markings on patient care and customer service, yet they've maintained their anonymity extremely well. They are influencers - creators of "spooky action at a distance," to borrow from Einstein.

It is time, now. Time for people to learn their names and understand the contribution they make to EMS. Please allow me to introduce them!

The first is a gentleman named "Yahbut." He's a pretty vocal guy, but he'…