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Falling in love

I'd like you to think back to your first love and the first time that you had your heart broken. (If you haven't had your heart broken, you'll have to use your imagination - and I posit that your experience of life is yet incomplete)! You were probably angry, or sad, or confused, or some combination of the three. Depending on how bad you got it, you may have stayed up all night thinking about the guy or girl who stomped on your heart. You probably didn't get much done that day and maybe for the few days afterwards. Basically somebody threw a wrench into your life plans.
Expectations are a huge part of life and when someone or something fails to meet our expectations frustration and anger are the direct result. When we fall in love and expect to be happy and content, the loss of that love object destroys those expectations. That is why it hurts.
But falling in love doesn't happen only between two people. You can fall in love with ideas and thoughts, too. One of the gr…