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A Belated "Thank You"

Twenty-two years. Some people don't live that long. I've been working in EMS for twenty-two years now. I've seen the typical paramedic's share of horror and happiness. Addiction and acrimony. Fear and fortitude. I won't bore you all with a million war stories because you've all lived them or have done me one better. And I can't convey to the uninitiated the true emotional cocktail that I'm served every time I show up at or remember one of these scenes I am called to. It's much like telling a pregnant couple that their lives will change incredibly once they have that baby - they think they can understand, but they can't until that first moment when they open the door to their home for the first time after the delivery, set their hospital bags on the floor, stare at the baby sleeping in the car seat, and say "What the hell do we do now?"

I'll channel Mr. Johnny Cash - I've been everywhere. There are few images that I would be su…