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Scene Safety - More Than Jazz Hands and Words

While we certainly should not be panicked, and while there is no reason to suspect that EMS personnel will be targeted for violence, it is worth noting that we have seen periodic episodes of discord across the country over the last year or so. High profile events occur and fuel these episodes, usually resulting in violence against law enforcement. The most recent event was the shooting of Dallas Police Officers last night. But EMS is not immune from violence. We are uniformed and often on-scene when people are angry, under the influence, or just plain ornery. People can and do hurt us, too. If you are not already practicing scene safety on every call you are on you really should start.

Here's a quick training-guy guideline: Remember "R.A.V.E."

R = Respect. Showing simple respect to individuals on-scene can de-escalate many situations. "Sir, Ma'am, Thank You, Please, I'm Sorry..." These all go a long way in keeping people calm.

A = Awareness. We sometime…