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Where I Find My Heaven

"Can you go on a truck?"

That was the hasty request of our Operations Manager. I was sitting at my desk trying to catch up with the myriad administrative things I have to accomplish. I'd cleared my schedule, come in early and closed my door in the hope that I could focus and maybe even make some headway on the new projects I'm building. But here he was asking me if I could hop on a rig to take calls because we were getting slammed. Of course I got on a truck. Our operation comes first above all. Our ability to be there when people need us is the only thing that matters when push comes to shove. I love that about our organization - we don't miss calls. Even the CEO and Company President get on an ambulance when we're strapped. Office work will wait.

Our HR Manager and I hopped into Unit 253, bounced around for the better part of an hour, and then responded for a guy with expressive aphasia. A transport to the regional vascular center and a drop-off for a stat …